Digital Safety

General advice to parents for promoting e-safety in the home and to monitor Internet use:


  • Keep the computer/tablet in a communal area of the home.
  • Be aware that children have access to the Internet via gaming stations and portable technologies such as smart phones.
  • Monitor on-line time and be aware of excessive hours on the Internet.
  • Take an interest in what children are doing. Discuss with the children what they are seeing and using on the Internet.
  • Advise children to take care and use the Internet in a sensible and responsible manner. Know the e-safety top tips and SMART rules.
  • Discuss the fact that there are websites/social networking activities which are unsuitable.
  • Discuss how children should respond to unsuitable materials or requests (always tell an adult).
  • Remind children never to give out personal information online.
  • Remind children that people online may not be who they say they are.
  • Be vigilant. Ensure that children do not arrange to meet someone they meet online.
  • Be aware that children may be using the Internet in places other than in their own home or at school and that this Internet use may not be filtered or supervised.